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Poggy's Better on Bedrock Beta v1.0.1.15 || Vanilla Themed Add-On

Thumbnail: Poggy's Better on Bedrock Beta v1.0.1.15 || Vanilla Themed Add-On

Better on Bedrock (previously known as Vanilla Plus) is a Minecraft Bedrock Add-On that tries to improve the overall gameplay of the base vanilla game. It aims to improve a lot of aspects by improving and adding new bosses, blocks, items, mobs, structures, biomes and systems.

Inside Better on Bedrock, you'll find numerous improvements to vanilla biomes. Some of these biomes will have their own exclusive structures, mobs and ores. (Some ores and mobs are not in build v.1.0.1 but inside build v1.0.2).

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  • Use this MCPEDL link when showcasing this Add-On
  • Backup your world when playing this Add-On
  • Updates may only work on new worlds.
  • This Add-On will work with other Add-Ons.
  • Report Bugs and/or issues on my Discord Server
  • For multiplayer beta tests, join my server

Requires all experimental features toggles:

Required experiments for the Better on Bedrock addon

Improved Biomes

Inside Better on Bedrock, you'll find numerous improvements to vanilla biomes.

Some of these biomes will have their own exclusive structures, mobs and ores. (Some ores and mobs are not in build v.1.0.1)


New Forest biome


New Plains biome

Roofed Forest

New Roofed Forest biome


New Birch biome


New Beach biome


New Savanna biome


New Taiga biome


New Swamp biome


New Jungle biome


Trader Outpost

Found all over the overworld. Home of the Wandering Trader.

Trader Outpost

Battle Tower

Found all over the Overworld. Test your combat skills with floors becoming more difficult, great rewards at the end.

Battle Tower

Waystone Tower

Home of the Overworld Waystone. Climb to the top to obtain a Waystone and some loot!

Waystone Tower

Ruined Temple

Ruined Temple

Adventurer Campsite

Starter home to the lost traveler.

Adventurer Campsite

Adventurer House

Home base of the lost traveler.

Adventurer House


Goblin Trader

This little guy has almost anything you need. You can find the cute guy anywhere in the world, but not often, as he is on his own adventure gathering resources to sell you.

  • Passive
  • Health: 20

Goblin Trader

Find a Goblin Trader to get useful items!

Trading with the Goblin Trader

The Willager

A new boss made its way in Better on Bedrock. The Willager is part of the Illager Family, and he won’t be easy to get by.

To find him, you need to do a little adventuring. He is located at the top of a Battle Tower that is different from the others. Make sure you’re prepared because the fight won’t be easy!

  • Hostile / Boss
  • Health: 50
  • 50 Health
  • Damage: 4
  • Armor Requirements:
    • Minimum full Protection 4 Iron Armor
    • Recommended full Protection 2 Diamond Armor
  • Drops: Willager Hat, Loot Crate

The Willager

Items and Blocks

Items and blocks inside of Better on Bedrock will have their own unique features to keep them fresh.

Let’s start with items:

Gilded Netherite Armor

Tinted Netherite Armor will save you against Piglins while keeping you protected.

Using 1 Gold Armor peace to protect yourself against Piglins comes with the cons where you are loosing that extra bit of protection. Tinted Netherite Armor will protect you against Piglins while being fully protected. It has the same stats as regular Netherite Armor.

Obtainable via Forge Table

Gilded Netherite Armor

Copper Armor

Copper Armor is stronger than Leather Armor, but weaker than Iron Armor.

Copper Armor is used for early combat when you go caving and a lot of mobs attack you.

Copper Armor


Need some quick resources? Get some Lootbags

Lootbags are found within Trader Outpost chests. To use a Lootbag, right click (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) to use the Lootbag.

Once you use a Lootbag you'll get some sweat resources.



The inventory issue has been solved!

Backpacks give you extra slots to store your goodies. Holding a Backpack and interacting (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) will open up the Backpack inventory. Backpacks can be used across all dimensions.

The Regular Backpack has 9 Slots. The Medium Backpack has 24 Slots.

Backpack item

Quest Scroll

New to this amaizing world? Use quests for early loot!

The Quest System is a unique system within Better on Bedrock. The Quest System gives players some Quests to complete upon a new world. Players will be given a Closed Quest Scroll upon loading a new world.When they interact (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) it will open up the scroll which players can interact again (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) to open the Quest UI.

The Quest UI will show you 3 Tiers: New Start, Better on Bedrock and Beyond the Overworld.

Each Quest has specific goals for the player to complete. When you Complete a Quests you have to claim your rewards manually.

Quest Scroll item

Bounty Scroll

Bounty System can only be accessed by a Bounty Board

The Bounty System allows players to hunt down a specific number of mobs for rewards and maybe even to progress their playthrough. It has the same use and UI as the Quest System.

Bounty Scroll item

Overworld Waystone Key

The Overworld Waystone Key is used to save your Waystones and teleport to your Waystones.

When you click on a waystone (tap for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) you'll be prompted with a UI to enter the Waystone Name. You can only add up to 10 per dimension.

When you break a saved waystone you need to save it again when the block was placed. When you want to teleport to a saved waystone, right-click (tap for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) to access all saved Waystones. Click on a saved Waystone to teleport, which costs 3xp levels.

Once teleported, the Waystone Key will be on a 60-sec cooldown.

Overworld Waystone Key item


Grapes are a new food source found within Better on Bedrock. You can only find Grapes inside of Taiga Biomes. Grapes can be planted and grown for an infinite source of grapes. Grapes gives 4 Hunger Points and takes 1 Second to eat.

Grapes item

Wild Carrot

The Wild Carrot is another new Food Source within Better on Bedrock. You can find Wild Carrots inside of the Plains Biome. Wild Carrots have a small chance of dropping a regular carrot. Wild Carrot gives 3 Hunger Points.

Wild Carrot item

Enderman Tear

The Enderman Tear is obtainable by killing an Enderman. The Enderman Tear is used to craft an Overworld Waystone Key.

Enderman Tear item

Forge Table

The use of the Forge Table is to forge Gold Ingots with your Netherite Armor.

When you Forge your Armor, you need at least 1 Gold Ingot and 1 Netherite Armor peace to forge them together. When your Armor was enchanted, the enchants with convert over to your Forged Netherite Armor.

Forged Netherite Armor will behave like Gold Armor around Piglins exept you don't have the weak protection of Golden Armor.

Forge Table

Miner's Bench

The use of the Miners' Bench is to apply Vein Miner I to your pickaxes.

When you want to apply the enchantment to your pickaxe, you need the Vein Miner I enchantment book and 6xp levels to enchant.

Miner's Bench

Overworld Waystone

The Overworld Waystone is used to save your spot!

With the Overworld Waystone you can have up to 10 per dimension saved, anywhere in the world! You can travel thousands of blocks within an instant with the Overwolrd Waystone. You need an Overworld Waystone Key to Save and Teleport to saved Overworld Waystones.

The Overworld Waystone is crafted with 5 Iron Ingots, 1 Gold Ingot and 1 Ender Pearl.

Overworld Waystone

Bounty Board

The Bounty Board is found by a unique structure called The Trader Outpost.

The Bounty Board give you a Closed Bounty Scroll when you interact with the block. You can only do so ONCE per world.

Bounty Board


Vein Miner

A new enchantment has seen its debut in Better on Bedrock. Vein Miner can be obtained by trading with a Goblin Trader or at the top of Battle Towers.

Vein Miner enchantment

Vein Miner includes Unbreaking 1 by default. Each ore that the Vein Miner breaks will remove 1 durability from your pickaxe. (Since you have Unbreaking it will be random).

Tree Capitator

Another enchantment made its way to Better on Bedrock.

Tree Capitator enchantment

Similar to Vein Miner, Tree Capitator will chop down trees within an instant! Your axe will take 1 durability damage per log that has been broken.


Hardcore Mode Option

Upon loading up a new world, you’ll be prompted with a Difficulty UI.

Normal Mode is the default game mode with infinite lives and Hardcore Mode… well, it’s self-explanatory

Hardcore Hearts are enabled by default for both Modes.

Choose Addon mode

Player Corpse

Hey look! Player Corpse is in here!

Player Corpse addon cover



Waystone craft

Waystone Key:

Waystone Key craft


Common Backpack craft

Forge Table:

Forge Table craft

Miners’ Bench:

Miners’ Bench craft


Need help or info about an item, block, structure or mob? Check the new updated How To screen!

Better on Bedrock addon guide

Updated on March 20


  • Added support for 1.19.70
  • This made all scripts support 1.19.70
  • Updated Goblin Trader Trades to as a test for BoB v1.0.2
  • Updated the page to prepare for BoB v1.0.2

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