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Thumbnail: MEGANxSHAON guns

The addon will add new weapons to the game. Now the addon is in beta, but you can already try different weapons.

Animation of pistol shooting:

Luger demonstration.

Animation of rifle shooting:

Mosin demonstration.

Install the addon to explore more guns!


Blood particles work with most vanilla mobs, including the player, when hit by a bullet.

Blood particles


The blood addon is a remake of bum_Bleed! addon by Clouddspiderr! (Discord: clouddspiderr#8523)


You can report bugs on the Discord server. The addon is currently in beta.

Don't forget to activate all experimental options.

Updated on March 17

  • fixed Pistol TPP
  1. well done animations look clean
  2. thanks ModBay moderator for making the description and the cover lol, also btw there is still no m4 in the addon it is still wip