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If you're a fan of Grian's Last Life Minecraft series, you'll love this Minecraft Bedrock addon that recreates the same experience on your mobile, console, or Windows 10 device. This addon introduces a unique gameplay mechanic where players are given a limited number of lives and must outwit their opponents to survive until the end.

Players can choose to play solo or with friends in a custom multiplayer world and use their skills to gather resources, build bases, and eliminate opponents.

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Limited life mechanic

Life counter scoreboard

Life count under gamertags

Randomised countdown for last life

3rd life and last life features

Light weight

Last life randomised life


Screenshot images

Player with 3 lives left

Player with 2 lives left

5 lives title

Available functions in the addon

Player list with lives left stat

How to use addon

To install this pack... just double click or open the mcpack and it should open Minecraft to install the pack.

Next: Activate the Bahavior pack in your world options,

AND open your world and run

/function start/lastlife


/function start/3lives

To reset your world back to normal run

/function reset

Addon Terms of Use

You may:

Use the pack in your own worlds and servers,

Showcase the pack in videos as long as you credit me with the link to this page,

Edit the pack for private use.


Share the pack with your own download links,

Edit the pack and say it's your own,

Sharing the edited pack without permission

Extra info

All credits go to Grian for creating this amazing consept!

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