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Raiyon's More Shields Addon | +3 New Shields! 30 Shields in total!

Thumbnail: Raiyon's More Shields Addon | +3 New Shields! 30 Shields in total!

Are you bored of the typical vanilla shield? Raiyon's More Shields Addon adds 30 new and unique shields. Each of the shields has its own unique abilities.


Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay

This addon uses the player.json file, it can cause compatibility problems with other addons.

Required Experiments:

Raiyon's More Shields Addon experimental options

For some reason (due to bugs in Bedrock Edition) the shields look upside-down. It is preferable to use the shield in the main hand. This does not affect the shields functions in any way.

Rules of use

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  • If this is not respected, I will have to use my copyright

Torch and Sea Lantern Shield

Torch Shield craft

Sea Lantern Shield craft

By holding the shield in your hand, illuminate your surroundings.

Torch Shield

Sea Lantern Shield

Iron and Copper Shield

Iron Shield craft

Copper Shield craft

When covering you with this shield the nearby mobs will receive damage.

Iron Shield

Copper Shield

Magma Shield

Magma Shield craft

Covering you with this shield will burn nearby mobs.

Magma Shield animation

Shulker Shield

Shulker Shield craft

Covering yourself with this shield will give nearby mobs the levitation effect.

Shulker Shield

This shield can storage items.

Storage feature for Shulker Shield

Slime Shield

Slime Shield craft

When covering himself with this shield, he will push the nearby mobs a lot.

Slime Shield

Amethyst Shield

Amethyst Shield craft

Every certain number of blocked hits stun and give speed and reflect arrows.

Can be repaired with Amethyst Cluster.

Amethyst Shield

Wooden Shield

Wooden Shield craft

It can be made with any type of wood and works like any normal shield, except that for each hit it covers, it has a 10% chance to break.

Wooden Shield

Netherite Shields

It has two variants: from crimson planks and warped planks.

Crimson Netherite Shield craft

Warped Netherite Shield craft

When you cover yourself with this shield, it will give you Fire Resistance effect.

Netherite Shield

Crimson Variant:

Crimson Netherite Shield

Warped Variant:

Warped Netherite Shield

Netherite Shield does not burn in lava!

Netherite shield in the lava

Diamond Shield

Diamond Shield craft

When you cover yourself with this shield it will remove negative effects like Wither, Poison, Slowness, Weakness, etc.

There is a small chance of health regeneration.

Diamond Shield

Sculk Shrieker Shield

Sculk Shrieker Shield craft

This shield has an animated texture.

Sculk Shield in hands

Sculk Shield texture animation

When blocking do area damage like Warden's Boom.

Sonic the Hedgehog attack with the Sculk Shield

Sculk Shield

Sculk Shield craft

When blocking, gave some XP.

Sculk Shield animation

Ender Shield

Ender Shield craft

Ender shield has the probability of random teleporting you when you blocking.

Ender Shield.

Bee Shield

Yeah, there is a stuck bee on the shield.

Bee Shield craft

Gave the poison effect for a few seconds to the mobs that attack you while blocking with this shield.

Bee Shield

Skely Shield

Skely Shield craft

When equipped, hostile mobs turn into neutral mobs.

Skely Shield

Wither Skely Shield

Wither Skely Shield craft

When equipped, hostile mobs turn into neutral mobs and when blocking nearby mobs gets Wither Effect.

Wither Skely Shield

TNT Shield

TNT Shield craft

When blocking, do area damage.

TNT Shield

Gold Shield

Gold Shield craft

Having this shield equipped, Piglins will not attack you.

Gold Shield

Nether Portal Shield

Craft recipe for Nether Portal Shield.

If an entity attacks you, it will be teleported to the Nether.

Nether Portal Shield.

Barrel Shield

Barrel Shield

The barrel shield works like a bundle, you can place items on it from your inventory.

Barrel Shield craft

Using of the Barrel Shield

Dripstone Shield

When a mob hits you, it will take 7 damages.

Dripstone Shield

Dripstone Shield craft

Mushroom Shield

When blocking give a random effect for 2 seconds, among absorption, regeneration, levitation, night vision, strength, jump boost, nausea, fire resistance.

Mushroom Shield

Mushroom Shield craft

Warped shield

When blocking hits has a chance to teleport you like an enderman, and when you are in the nether give to you fire resistance

Warped shield

Warped shield animation

Warped shield recipe

Crimson Shield

When blocking hits has a chance TP burn entities, and when you are in the nether give to you fire resistance

Crimson Shield

Crimson Shield animation

Crimson Shield recipe

Bamboo Shield

When you have this shield on the main hand, Pandas will follow you

Bamboo Shield

Bamboo Shield recipe

Emerald Shield

When blocking hits, summon an evocation Illager that defend you.

Emerald Shield

Emerald Shield recipe

HayBale Shield

When blocking hits, regenerate hunger points.

HayBale Shield

HayBale Shield recipe

Ice Dripstone Shield

When a mob hits you, it receives 4 of damage and freeze it.

Ice Dripstone Shield

Ice Dripstone Shield recipe

New Shield Blocking Animation

New Shield Blocking Animation

Updated on March 13

  • Added Ice Dripstone Shield
  • Added HayBale Shield
  • Added Emerald Shield
  • Added new shield blocking animation
  • Shulker shield now can storage items