Texture Packs

Old mangrove textures

Thumbnail: Old mangrove textures

Changes the mangrove wood color from the red-orange color seen in game to the light pink-orange color seen during Minecon.

Changes includes: Mangrove planks, Mangrove Slab, Mangrove Stairs, Mangrove double Slab, Mangrove Fence, Mangrove Fence Gate, Mangrove Button, Mangrove Pressure Plate, Mangrove sign (+item), Mangrove Wall Sign, Mangrove Door (+item), Mangrove Trapdoor, Mangrove Boat (+item), Mangrove Chest Boat (+item), Mangrove Log, Stripped Mangrove Log, Stripped Mangrove Wood.

Blocks with old mangrove texture

Old and New mangrove textures