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Simple Health Bar/Health Indicator (HP-Bar)

Thumbnail: Simple Health Bar/Health Indicator (HP-Bar)

This addon adds health bars or health indicators to Minecraft bedrock, it is compatible with all vanilla mobs, it can also be modified to make it compatible with other addons. I hope you like it :3


Doesn't require any experimental features or anything like that

It is simple to use, you install it in your Minecraft world (it is located in resource packs) and for now, it is updated to the latest version of the game includes life bars for the following mobs:

Monster and health bars

Wither and Player with health bars

Normal Style 1

Sheep with health bar and icon

Creeper with health bar and icon

New Style 2

  • Green HP bar: Neutral and Passive Mobs
  • Red HP bar: Monster and Possibles Danger

Sheep and health with green bar

Zombie and health with red bar


This addon is also compatible with Gapple Cows Addon. Try it now!